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Basic – Disappearing 4Patch

We are making a little 14″ x14″ quilt out of scraps. You need to use both dark and light fabrics as value contrast is important in this quilt. You can use just two colors or a variety of colors.

Fabric Supplies you need:

  • (16) -3 ½ ” squares of fabric. (8=dark / 8= light)
  • (4)   -2 ½” wide border strip. (each ~16 14″ long)
  • (1)   -15″ x 15″ Piece of batting
  • (1)  – 15″ x 15″ Piece of backing fabric


  1. Sew each of the dark squares to a light square along one edge.
  2. Sew sets of two squares together always with light being partnered with dark. You should now have (4) -4Patches. Press.
  3. Take a 4Patch and place a ruler on the bock with the one inch line straddling the center seam (see picture 1). Cut along the ruler edge.
  4. Turn the piece 90 degrees. Again, measure 1 inch from the center line and cut again. Repeat twice more (see picture 2).
  5. Now turn the pieces labeled 1b, 2a, 2c, 3b 180º (see picture 3).
  6. Sew 1a to 1b then 2a to 2b and 3a to 3b all without cutting the thread between the blocks.
  7. Finger press all seams to the dark side.
  8. Cut off the 1a/1b and 2a/2b set from behind the machine and attach the “c” parts to the respective “b parts.
  9. Block with thread ties

    Notice the 3 thread strings

    Cut off only the 3a/3b duo, and attach 3c to 3b and sew. The three rows of the block should now be attached together with little thread strings. The thread stings hold the block in the correct position to sew the last two seams.

  10. Sew the rows together.  When aligning the blocks, it is more important to have the seams butt each other tightly even if that means the edges are not even.
  11. Repeat  steps 3-10 for the other three 4Patches. Press.
  12. Lay the four disappearing 4Patches on a table. Depending on how they are rotated, different patterns appear. Chose the one that pleases you.
  13. Sew the four disappearing four patches together keeping with the pattern.
  14. Sew the border fabric to the outside edge of the quiltlet. Press.
  15. Lay the batting down. Cover the batting with backing fabric (right side up) and then with the quiltlet right side down. Pin and take to sewing machine.
  16. Sew ¼” from outside edge on all four sides, but leave a 3″ gap on one side.
  17. Trim batting and backing fabric to ¼”. Cut the tips of the 4 corners at a 45º angle to just an 1/8th inch beyond the seam point.
  18. Turn the quilt inside out and whip stitch the opening closed.
  19. Quilt as desired. You are now done!

Stretching – Disappearing 4Patch

  • Make the disappearing four patch block but do something to make it all your own.
  • Try cutting all the four patches at a different distance from the center than 1 inch given in the instructions.
  • Or try adding applique / embellishments to the quilt.
  • Or try a new quilting technique like free motion quilting or big stitch hand quilting.
  • Or ?

Out of the Box – Dog Days of Summer

  • Make a Journal quilt with the theme “Dog Days of Summer”
  • I suggest that you make each of your journal quilts 8½” x 11″, but, if you prefer, you can chose a different size. Other popular sizes are 12″ x 12″, and postcard sized.
  • These journal quilts can be bound however you like.

If you want more information on how I am planning this year of creative endeavors click on goals of BOM .

Looking forward to seeing all your creative endeavors  at the September meeting!