Please feel free to come to one or more of our meetings as a guest and meet us. Membership is open to anyone above the age of sixteen. Teens twelve and older are welcome with a sponsor.

We are a Guild with members of all sewing abilities. We love the novice sewer as well as those who have many quilts under their belt. We even have room for people who do not sew but love quilts and learning more about how they are made—but be warned, quilting is contagious, you may catch the quilting bug!


Promoting knowledge and encouraging the participation in the craft and art of quilting, patchwork, appliqué, and other aspects of quilt making. Becoming an information network for quilters and promoting continued interest in quilting.


Our guild was founded in July of 1989. It was started by a group who wanted to revitalize the art of quilting. This was in the days before the rotary cutter. Cardboard stencils were the rage and 100% cotton was hard to find!

By Law and Standing Rule Revisions

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These revisions will be discussed at the January guild meeting and the By-Laws need to be voted on by the membership. Please read before the meeting. These are the same forms that where emailed to all members.


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